How to win the Malaysian in the next election.

So here is my 2 cents worth. It really gets boring when i read the news about our political scene or any political scene for that matter. It just remind me of the movie where Phua Chu Kang and his boss changed bodies. It was an office scene where the superiors where pushing blame on each other and the emails were shown as arrows dodged and refired and finally killing one. Technically the blame is on her. Remember the movie ? I cant remember the title.

It seems that in a democratic nation people always want change and with change there is always problem . Just turn you head to South Korea. After the new Government was put in to place. An old PM committed suicide and many of his followers got into trouble and the current PM is always boo-ed on, also by the North donating recycled mortars.

Here in Malaysia, it looks like we are in a political quagmire. Years ago before the past election , i told my friend whose father is an MP that Barisan Nasional would lose a lot in the election because of the peoples dissatisfaction . He disagreed and lo and behold Barisan had its biggest downfall in history . While still remaining power it surely has lost a lot. People are getting more informed. Even the Pak Cik in the kampung selling pisang goreng for the past 30 years can go on the internet and realise that he has been losing out. Not because of anything then poor management of benefits that some get. If the management was good the Pak Cik would be in a better state in life.

The fear that those who have remain in power for a long time is that the people that they have depended on voted for a long time has slowly drifted to the after life and their children although still patriotic are more aware of the political scene and are beginning to change side. Even the strongest in history has been brought down simply by the peoples power. even today in the STAR Paper Tun Mahathir said and i quote –

“History has shown that even legendary ruling parties were ousted in elections as they were not attuned to the changing needs”

My friends and i have discussed on a lot of matters, we are like most students are really not satisfied with what we have seen. I would vote for a part that would promise this things.

1) Will fight corruption and make us move to the top 20 least corrupt country before 2020.

– steps include removing top official that have clearly abused the Government accounts.. for example – buying a screwdriver for RM 300….

2) Revamp the National Automative Policy. That means stop protecting Proton. You know i think Proton not only disappointed us but in a way made us “Buatan Malaysia” tag phobia. The lack of quality and engine has led to a lot of wastage and deaths. By not protecting Proton you could see car prices go down as much as 40%. Which the rakyat will be in safer cars and HEY ! less fuel subsidy ! HELLO !

3)Have a Free Trade Agreement with the United States – although some says it will make them conquer our economy i say it is bullrubbish… You just look at Korea, Japan and Taiwan. They are rich and proud of their culture and very much in control of their government. Also face it, chances are most of you are working for a company attached to the USA or selling them something. Some smaller one are so rich too (Singapore)

4) An independent Judiciary .  Currently the Judges work for the Government, although it is impossible to separate it financially it is possible to separate the appointment of judges.   I believe if the Judges are not under the Government and have a Judicial Appoinment Committee of themselves we will have a better Judicial System. It would be better if they are under the Yang Dipertuan Agong directly instead of being shared with the PM. This will lead to a more independent Judiciary.

This move will make the system more transparent and the people will have more faith in it.

5) Jury system – We need this for high profile cases. So that the people have their say. This is the only way to really show that the system is transparent.

6) Affirmative Action – I have no problem with this. What i really want to see is the poor getting it more and the rich detaching themselves from it and work for their own. Sudah kaya , bagi yang lain chance jugak . So that the poorer bumiputra’s have more chances to rise up . Not merely by ”who you know” principle or  to rise up.

7) Limit time of Presidency for each Prime Minister. I believe only 2 terms is enough. 8 years is long enough.

8) As a young Malaysian, it would be hard to startup in life because of the low pay and increasing cost of living. I propose the Government cut tax by 30% for a recent graduates first car and also a home scheme.

Dont forget to do the POLL below !!!

and yeah.. finally no speed limit on the right lane of the highway 🙂  against my rights of speeeeeeeeeeeed .

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Comically, The GOD issues~

There are no ordinary people.. it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit.

C.S. Lewis

THE GOD PARTICLE, has sparked many sensational stories going around it, from movies to novels, it truly has made people wonder about the purpose of existence. Today my goal with you is to explore these many theories that have put human belief in God to tether in unbelief. Be mindful i am not blogging this to prove to you that God exists as I  know he does.
Lets start with Evolution, in a nutshell it is said that human beings evolved from a different kind of life form to what we are now. So i did some field study, I went to the Sepilok Orang Utan Reserve in Sandakan to view this apes closely…

This happens to be a very big forest reserve, catering to the caring and nurturing of orang utan and to release them to the wild. Their sponsor now is Datuk Michelle Yeoh (Bond Girl from Ipoh, also in The Mummies) . So i viewed them  this apes to see how closely related we are to them !!! Did they use iPhone ! or Laptops ! can the say McD !!!

So here is my argument from a very simple explanation, if we in fact evolved from apes why are there still apes around ? Dont you think that all would have evolved together ? It could still be accepted that apes and us have similar DNA and bone structure and all those humans have discovered. Our DNA is much closer to a house fly too !!!. God works in mysterious ways. He could just be creating sub-human animals after creating us ! After moulding us. He probably decided to create animal versions based on his perfect creation, us ! It still would be logical if he did it the other way by creating the animals first then moving upwards to create more advanced and perfect life form. Certainly we don’t really know why God does this as we humans can’t even handle an iota of God’s own knowledge. Look at this world !  We don’t even know for sure what is around us. The full potential of the normal daily surroundings we still can’t comprehend and here are a few bunch of people trying to think that God can’t exist because of this and that we found . I’m sure Fred the orang Utan here is happy he doesn’t have to think all of this . Lucky for you FRED ! You can see his obvious smile here ! Next we would move to the Big Bang !  So you see this kind of ties with this Research Large Hydron Collider in CERN researching about a mysterious mother of Atoms called  The God Particle (made popular by the Book and Movie “The Da Vinci Code”) . The whole thing for us un-professor minded is the whole galaxy was born through a Big Bang of Atoms and smaller things without mass thus God Particle. This Bang took billions of years for all the atoms and mass to form and settle. Thus creating us and the galaxy.  For some this proves that God did not exist and it was just a series of hit and run cases that created the Universe. For me how ever this is a fantastic way to prove God’s power. He did not create the world in a day. It took thousands of years. So therefore God orchestrated this Big Bang and it might look like it’s a hit and run but really it is a systematic placing of everything in the universe !

I ask now, if you believe that we are created by a series of random atom clashing into each other, sitting in front of the screen is “YOU” an advanced life form. Do you think you are a product of a random clashing ? The Earth ? The Animals ? Your Mind ? Surely we are Organised beings created by a Master Organizer. I can do a  Big Bang and create things too !!! I just shake a bottle of Pepsi and a cow will be created in the bottle !…hopefully next time its a Ferrari !   It’s a clashing of atoms too.  Big  Bang is relevant to show God’s massive vault of knowledge. But not the Big Bang that says God does not exist. It’s hard to believe that this Chicken and me are created by random Big Bang ! It truly would have been a carefully executed plan by God. It’s hard to believe that this chicken and i am a product of random clashing of atoms. Truly it has to be God, an intelligent being. 

Next and lastly will be sufferings, why do we have sufferings ? People will say since God lets us suffer there is not a God. A God will always end suffering. Plus he will show himself to those who do not believe him. Why should he only make himself present to those who believe him ?

Lets deal with why is there suffering, you see if there is no opposition there would not be us. For example If there is no Law there is no crime, no sin means no righteousness . No righteousness means no happiness.No Hot means no Cold,. There need to be an opposition to all things If not so goodness and righteousness could not exist neither wickedness , neither holiness nor misery. All would have remained dead. So if these things do not exist there is no God. And if there is no God we are not, neither the earth and all creation of things, because there is nothing to be acted upon. All would have vanished away. Since we exist that means that there is a God, its similar like a Painting, there is an artist behind it.

For all you engineers out there, its simple. Look at friction. If there is no opposing force a car would not move. The tyre without opposite force could not move. So is the Earth gravity and magnetic field. If there is no 2 different poles , the who earth would either be pushed away from the Sun or into it. We are surrounded by opposing forces. Therefore it will exist in our life . Suffering is part of it. You see if you go to school and all the answers to the questions is given by you teachers without you attempting it, you would not grow. Because you have not learned anything.

For those who question why don’t God don’t just show himself to those who don’t believe in him. My reasoning is simple. If you want fried chicken, you need to go and buy the chicken, clean it and then fry it. If you want to know God, you have to read his scriptures, think about it , ponder it and pray and ask him ! Don’t just go around and around philosophy that fills your void about feeling ‘disconnected’. I promise you if you pray and read you will receive the answer like my friend Aaron below !

Statistics say that only 2% of the world don’t believe in God, and most of the Europe world believe in a creator. 1st World countries have majorities that believe in God. Leading is  the United States of America (no wonder they are powerful, all those Faith). Please do the POLL and if possible leave a short comment so i know you were here. I know the numbers but I don’t know who personally visit here. Well friends, thanks for reading, The next one will be in a month. I need to study !  Adieu !

God exist whether or not men may choose to believe in Him. The reason why many people do not believe in God is not so much that it is intellectually impossible to believe in God, but because belief in God forces that thoughtful person to face the fact that he is accountable to such a God.

Robert A. Laidlaw

Atheism is a crutch for those who cannot bear the reality of God.

Tom Stoppard

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You will be in giggles !

This is my first blog entry in like years, just a few days ago i thought that blog writing is a terrible waste of time. i prefer to write in a journal instead. Yeah ! i do write in a journal. i have been keeping one from the age of 14. So to my fellow Michaelian’s , all your mischief are safely recorded !
Actually earlier i was already almost complete with my blog before i accidentally clicked a link and wiped out everything i wrote. I was writing a good piece on Vision 2020. OH well , what to do . I will re write it again when i have the vigor.
Since its my first post in a LONG time , i am going to put on soemthing light. So many of you know i went on a mission and all . Let me share with you a few funny things that happened to me there before i start pounding heavy politics to you all.So apart from religious study and service there are some funny things that happened to me . . apart from being struck by God with his power.The Bold Truth
I shall share one with you today. Or two. so one day my companion and I were teaching a family in a squatter home. we were teaching this man Ban and his wife Yang about how they could have a healthier life and educate their children well. They were responsive. We had one of their good friend who is a church member with us.
Coincidentally being a squatter home their celing is made of rejected doors, u can feel that it might just drop on you. When you walk in the floor just creaks ~ creeaakkkk!~ and it so humid, i can feel my body heat escaping through my collar… can you imagine it ? The lights are those yellow bulbe one because it is the cheapest.
SO we sat on the floor ~creeaakkk! ~ more on my side, the floor is slanted, so u can put a marble and it will roll. I sat on the higher side, and my friend on the lower side, so we taught them for like 20 minutes and their 3 year old daughter who i think is on her 4th bottle of milk came and sit beside me and smiled really big ! SO cute ! Half of the teeth rotten ! EEEeeee….
THEN suddenly, i felt a slow~but steady warmth all over my legs and bottoms, take note we were sitting on the floor. I though it was probably the heat but when i looked to the right i saw the cute little thing comfortably seated and smiling while PEE-ing on the floor !!! and it already went throught from my right side all the way to the left side, halfway to my friend sitting next to me . Professionally i say we taught them everything for today, said our good byes and i ran to the house at the back which was my friends house and his son who was with us ran first into the home to spread the news. So they came out laughing an took pails to rinse it on my pants. After that i rushed home to and took a good bath. The idea of having a baby girl pee around my bottom is not pleasing. hahaha
The next day was funnier, so we went to church, by the way this is in Bintulu. I enterd to teach a class, they have about 30 peole in there, mostly middle aged women and some husbands. i noticed they were smiling hugely ! And i looked at the the mother of the baby and she was giggling and i knew she told the hole class……! ALthought that happened I still love you guys in Bintulu ok !
So before i end i shall insert a small story. Almost the same. We were in another home and the floor again. By the way these houses are behind a graveyard and it i full of the bugs that emits light. So i was sitting beside this baby cradle. You know the type theyhang from the ceiling ? i was looking at the baby and being traumatised of the recent incedent hoped that this baby dont pee… and she couldnt right ? Well i was wrong. Right after i thought that. I natural waterfall occured and it dropped about 4 feet from where she was hanging.
Talk about psych. Well the next post would be more serious in nature. Im changing it to Atheism and The God Issues in a comical and light way. I promise it will be fun to read.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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