You will be in giggles !

This is my first blog entry in like years, just a few days ago i thought that blog writing is a terrible waste of time. i prefer to write in a journal instead. Yeah ! i do write in a journal. i have been keeping one from the age of 14. So to my fellow Michaelian’s , all your mischief are safely recorded !
Actually earlier i was already almost complete with my blog before i accidentally clicked a link and wiped out everything i wrote. I was writing a good piece on Vision 2020. OH well , what to do . I will re write it again when i have the vigor.
Since its my first post in a LONG time , i am going to put on soemthing light. So many of you know i went on a mission and all . Let me share with you a few funny things that happened to me there before i start pounding heavy politics to you all.So apart from religious study and service there are some funny things that happened to me . . apart from being struck by God with his power.The Bold Truth
I shall share one with you today. Or two. so one day my companion and I were teaching a family in a squatter home. we were teaching this man Ban and his wife Yang about how they could have a healthier life and educate their children well. They were responsive. We had one of their good friend who is a church member with us.
Coincidentally being a squatter home their celing is made of rejected doors, u can feel that it might just drop on you. When you walk in the floor just creaks ~ creeaakkkk!~ and it so humid, i can feel my body heat escaping through my collar… can you imagine it ? The lights are those yellow bulbe one because it is the cheapest.
SO we sat on the floor ~creeaakkk! ~ more on my side, the floor is slanted, so u can put a marble and it will roll. I sat on the higher side, and my friend on the lower side, so we taught them for like 20 minutes and their 3 year old daughter who i think is on her 4th bottle of milk came and sit beside me and smiled really big ! SO cute ! Half of the teeth rotten ! EEEeeee….
THEN suddenly, i felt a slow~but steady warmth all over my legs and bottoms, take note we were sitting on the floor. I though it was probably the heat but when i looked to the right i saw the cute little thing comfortably seated and smiling while PEE-ing on the floor !!! and it already went throught from my right side all the way to the left side, halfway to my friend sitting next to me . Professionally i say we taught them everything for today, said our good byes and i ran to the house at the back which was my friends house and his son who was with us ran first into the home to spread the news. So they came out laughing an took pails to rinse it on my pants. After that i rushed home to and took a good bath. The idea of having a baby girl pee around my bottom is not pleasing. hahaha
The next day was funnier, so we went to church, by the way this is in Bintulu. I enterd to teach a class, they have about 30 peole in there, mostly middle aged women and some husbands. i noticed they were smiling hugely ! And i looked at the the mother of the baby and she was giggling and i knew she told the hole class……! ALthought that happened I still love you guys in Bintulu ok !
So before i end i shall insert a small story. Almost the same. We were in another home and the floor again. By the way these houses are behind a graveyard and it i full of the bugs that emits light. So i was sitting beside this baby cradle. You know the type theyhang from the ceiling ? i was looking at the baby and being traumatised of the recent incedent hoped that this baby dont pee… and she couldnt right ? Well i was wrong. Right after i thought that. I natural waterfall occured and it dropped about 4 feet from where she was hanging.
Talk about psych. Well the next post would be more serious in nature. Im changing it to Atheism and The God Issues in a comical and light way. I promise it will be fun to read.


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  1. 1

    Fidelia Horne said,

    Well, what an experience u had there Malvinder! Lauren pee on Duncan a few times when she was a little baby as well while changing her nappy! Hahahaha! Well, now when u look back at it, it is well hilarious compared to when it happened to u at that moment!

  2. 2

    kenwooi said,

    haha.. the being stuck from God pic is funny.. lol..
    Vision 2020 and Malaysia-American ties?
    somehow I predict that this blog will become a voice of Malaysia! =)

  3. 4

    somebody said,

    Why no pics of the kids peeing on you? 😉

  4. 6

    Yes, great picture of your transfiguration!

  5. 7

    Kenzo said,

    i’m wonder what you’re thinking of your first picture…the power transformation into ur body! ?

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