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How to win the Malaysian in the next election.

So here is my 2 cents worth. It really gets boring when i read the news about our political scene or any political scene for that matter. It just remind me of the movie where Phua Chu Kang and his boss changed bodies. It was an office scene where the superiors where pushing blame on each other and the emails were shown as arrows dodged and refired and finally killing one. Technically the blame is on her. Remember the movie ? I cant remember the title.

It seems that in a democratic nation people always want change and with change there is always problem . Just turn you head to South Korea. After the new Government was put in to place. An old PM committed suicide and many of his followers got into trouble and the current PM is always boo-ed on, also by the North donating recycled mortars.

Here in Malaysia, it looks like we are in a political quagmire. Years ago before the past election , i told my friend whose father is an MP that Barisan Nasional would lose a lot in the election because of the peoples dissatisfaction . He disagreed and lo and behold Barisan had its biggest downfall in history . While still remaining power it surely has lost a lot. People are getting more informed. Even the Pak Cik in the kampung selling pisang goreng for the past 30 years can go on the internet and realise that he has been losing out. Not because of anything then poor management of benefits that some get. If the management was good the Pak Cik would be in a better state in life.

The fear that those who have remain in power for a long time is that the people that they have depended on voted for a long time has slowly drifted to the after life and their children although still patriotic are more aware of the political scene and are beginning to change side. Even the strongest in history has been brought down simply by the peoples power. even today in the STAR Paper Tun Mahathir said and i quote –

“History has shown that even legendary ruling parties were ousted in elections as they were not attuned to the changing needs”

My friends and i have discussed on a lot of matters, we are like most students are really not satisfied with what we have seen. I would vote for a part that would promise this things.

1) Will fight corruption and make us move to the top 20 least corrupt country before 2020.

– steps include removing top official that have clearly abused the Government accounts.. for example – buying a screwdriver for RM 300….

2) Revamp the National Automative Policy. That means stop protecting Proton. You know i think Proton not only disappointed us but in a way made us “Buatan Malaysia” tag phobia. The lack of quality and engine has led to a lot of wastage and deaths. By not protecting Proton you could see car prices go down as much as 40%. Which the rakyat will be in safer cars and HEY ! less fuel subsidy ! HELLO !

3)Have a Free Trade Agreement with the United States – although some says it will make them conquer our economy i say it is bullrubbish… You just look at Korea, Japan and Taiwan. They are rich and proud of their culture and very much in control of their government. Also face it, chances are most of you are working for a company attached to the USA or selling them something. Some smaller one are so rich too (Singapore)

4) An independent Judiciary .  Currently the Judges work for the Government, although it is impossible to separate it financially it is possible to separate the appointment of judges.   I believe if the Judges are not under the Government and have a Judicial Appoinment Committee of themselves we will have a better Judicial System. It would be better if they are under the Yang Dipertuan Agong directly instead of being shared with the PM. This will lead to a more independent Judiciary.

This move will make the system more transparent and the people will have more faith in it.

5) Jury system – We need this for high profile cases. So that the people have their say. This is the only way to really show that the system is transparent.

6) Affirmative Action – I have no problem with this. What i really want to see is the poor getting it more and the rich detaching themselves from it and work for their own. Sudah kaya , bagi yang lain chance jugak . So that the poorer bumiputra’s have more chances to rise up . Not merely by ”who you know” principle or  to rise up.

7) Limit time of Presidency for each Prime Minister. I believe only 2 terms is enough. 8 years is long enough.

8) As a young Malaysian, it would be hard to startup in life because of the low pay and increasing cost of living. I propose the Government cut tax by 30% for a recent graduates first car and also a home scheme.

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and yeah.. finally no speed limit on the right lane of the highway 🙂  against my rights of speeeeeeeeeeeed .


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